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The good news here is that if you lay enough Cadbury chocolate eggs on top of yourself, you can essentially deflect a 50-caliber bullet from its normal trajectory. Same applies if you lay enough marshmallow Peeps on top of yourself.

The University of Nottingham experimented with several different ways to destroy a Cadbury Creme Egg. The burn it, melt it, freeze it with liquid nitrogen, and even put the Cadbury Creme Egg in a vacuum similar to outer space! Why can’t school experiments have been this fun? Happy Easter!

The Daily What posted this ad from Cadbury showing a bunch of people riding a rollercoaster while trying to eat a 99 Flake ice cream cone. Clearly, this is the best way to consume any sort of food.

Cadbury is known for making weird commercials (see the drumming gorilla one if you haven’t already) so I expected nothing but pure awkwardness when I was emailed their latest creation from A Glass and a Half Full Production. This “commercial”, if you can even call it that, features two young kids creating mischievous eyebrow action […]