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Great, now I have to worry about dying the next time I pump my tires.


Wow, this is so random. Apparently the actual raptor cage from Jurassic ParkĀ is on eBay right now at nearly $100,000. A steal if you’ve got the space and the need for a model Raptor (which comes included!). Bid here! See more images inside.

Just came across this CNN report about cage dwellers in Hong Kong. I previously posted a longer documentary about these low-income houses and how at least one Hong Kong organization is hoping to help these people get out of this place for good.

After watching this documentary from Journeyman Pictures, I don’t think I can ever justify complaining about my living conditions ever again. Produced in February 2010, this documentary shows a part of Hong Kong that most people hardly ever see — the private homes of some of Hong Kong’s poorest residents. The poorest of these live […]

I don’t have a fear or rats like most people do. I wouldn’t say that I like them, but I certainly don’t get grossed out by them. And yes, they can be cute! Look at this mother rat taking her children back to the cage. Home sweet home!