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Right now, it’s available only for Android, but it will eventually come to iOS. And that makes me wonder if it’ll be enough to make me stop using Sunrise.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.22.38 PM

Sunrise, my all-time favorite calendar app that started on iOS, has made the jump to an actual dedicated desktop app for Mac. It’s free. And you should use it. Previously, Sunrise was only available as a web-based app.


I have used the Sunrise calendar app on my iPhone exclusively for all calendar-related operations and now I am so stoked that the Sunrise calendar is making its way to the desktop (and to Android devices too). It’s the social media calendar app that does it all and syncs effortlessly with Google Calendar. No problems […]


Probably a really late time to buy a calendar, but when it’s this beautiful, it’s ok to start late. Check out this TYPE 2014 Letterpress Calendar. More images inside.


How beautiful is this hand-lettered calendar by¬†Christopher Rouleau? I seriously want one, but unfortunately it was a project that wasn’t for sale. UPDATE: Wait! I got it wrong! This calendar IS on sale. Get it for $40!