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I’m a loyal user of Sunrise on iOS, but for a moment after watching this promo video for Peek Calendar, I really wanted to switch over to this. It just looks so beautiful (and a little reminiscent of to-do app Clear). Check it out in action below and then see more screengrabs inside.


HAHAHA, this is a great project. And for $14.99 you can own this calendar to adorn your cubicle. You know you want to. More photo examples inside.

Screenshot 2013-12-06 11.12.56

One Percent for Culture has put together a Google Calendar of dates when museums and other institutions in the city are free or pay-what-you-want. A great resource that you should subscribe to!


It’s December! That means the end of 2013 is just around the corner. And that also means the start of a new year soon. So why not order the only calendar that’s in the MoMA collection? The 2014 Stendig Calendar is now available here.


Crispin Finn makes one of the best looking wall calendars I’ve seen yet! I just got gifted this the other day and I’m already loving it even though I haven’t technically added any plans to 2014 yet. Get one here!


Looking for a nice wall calendar to ring in 2014? How about the Cycle EXIF custom bicycle calendar? It’s only $15 right now! Check out a preview of the calendar inside.