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I was on a conference call almost exactly like this one time. So unproductive.


One of the things I definitely took for granted when I lived in NYC was 311. It was the ultimate city-info tool, completely free, and available 24/7. Los Angeles doesn’t have anything like this and it’s often hard to find information that should be readily available, like parking regulations, housing regulations, DMV info, etc. New […]

I love these candid videos that The White House is uploading. It really gives you a sense that the President — no matter how important he is — is still a regular guy like you and I. Here he is congratulating John Harbaugh on winning Super Bowl XLVII.

This audio recording above of Kevin Cosgrove’s final moments alive at the 105th floor of 2 WTC on 9/11 is probably the most frightening piece of audio I have ever listened to. Up until now the most haunting report I’ve seen coming out of 9/11 is the video of people jumping from the towers, but […]