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Parents are going to love this. Kids are going to hate this. AT&T is giving parents (and soon, businesses) the ability to remotely disable texting and/or calling features while a phone is in a car and in motion. The app can also send alerts to parents’ phones if there’s excessive speeding involved and also send […]


Love it! Google just extended free voice calls in the US and Canada through 2012! My guess is that Google will eventually just make all domestic calls free and cause widespread havoc in the telecommunications industry.


Photographer Greg Girard who photographed the images in the City of Darkness book published a new title last year called Hanoi Calling about the 1000 year anniversary of the founding of the capital city of Vietnam. The series of photos entitled Hanoi Calling can be seen on his website or purchased as a 128-page book. […]


Is Gmail going to have free US-calling via VoIP soon? If CNET is to be believed, that just might very well be the case in the near future as Google merges some of Google Voice’s features directly into Gmail. Nice, I want this to happen.