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This video really puts things into perspective by showing what 2000 calories looks like and then comparing those calories as food to each other. Your recommended daily servings need adjusting if you find any of these examples normal behavior.

Casey Neistat goes scientific in this video about how many calories are actually in some popular foods around NYC. You might be eating a whole lot more than you think.


Anna Brooks, Christina Winkless, and David Paul Rosser created this great website called Fat or Fiction to show us just what exactly it is that we are consuming when we eat sweets, cake, cheese, chips, and other junk food. Check it out! It’s gorgeous!


This past weekend, Guinness World Records named a 1224-pound cupcake as the world’s largest cupcake. The sweet treat was unveiled on Saturday at the Woodward Dream Cruise event in Royal Oak, Michigan. The company that made the cake, Gourmetgiftbaskets.com, says that the cupcake is estimated to be about 2 million calories and took nearly 12 […]