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Quirk Books and The Library of Congress got together to put out this book called Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years of Election Art. Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds, with over 100 reproductions of old-timey, retro, and beautiful pieces of art used to get Presidents and former-potential-Presidents into the public eye. A good preview […]


Looks like The Hundreds took a mirror to a bunch of places and photographed models’ reflections in it. I like it!  

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Kottke dreams up what it would be like if Apple funded the iPhone 5 via a Kickstarter campaign. $1 billion sure is a big number.

The NYC DOT is launching this LOOK campaign to educate taxi riders and other vehicular occupants on the dangers of opening doors without looking. You could be taking out a cyclist! And remember, in NYC, if you do, it’s your fault! And you don’t want that hanging over your head right? Of course not, so […]