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Here’s a 1332 piece LEGO set for you to build a really detailed Volkswagen T1 Camper. I’d build this and never take it apart. Would make a great desk item.

Wedgetail Camper: The ultimate camping vehicle with a small footprint

THIS. IS. AMAZING. Here’s a demo of a¬†Wedgetail Camper¬†made specifically for camping in the rough Australian outback. It’s smaller than most RVs and doesn’t require a separate trailer at all, and yet it includes just about everything you need to survive in relative luxury outdoors. From showers to toilets, to beds, a near-full kitchen, and […]

This VW Doubleback T5 Camper just shot way up on my list of vehicles I want to own. Check out the sliding rear area that essentially doubles the space and length of the interior living quarters.


A couple of days ago, Detroit Funk posted some images of a camper being pushed over the edge of the abandoned Packard Auto Plant. Not a stranger to odd sightings, the camper was certainly quick to find itself at home in its new location along with all of the Packard Plant’s other weird objects. But […]