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I don’t think I’ve posted this one before. But here’s a video showing the abandoned Canal and Bowery stations. The video description says: Taken on 8.23.12. Due to a Late Night General Order, all Jamaica Center-bound (J) trains were bypassing Canal Street & Bowery. As a result of this, northbound (J) trains were re-routed to […]


I’ve posted photos of the abandoned Westside Highway before but I had no idea that there was ever a bridge that was part of it that crossed Canal Street. Pretty spectacular stuff judging by these photos. Reminds me of the bridges spanning the LA River.


Date unknown but it doesn’t exactly look recent. PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN LOCKE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

This is the part of the station that connects the NRQW and the JMZ trains. You can often see it from the active side. But this is the first time I’m ever seeing it in person.