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This is fitting for the moment given the amount of snow we’ve had in the Northeast in the last 24 hours. FlightAware has a map online where you can view which airports in the US have the most cancellations. It seems, at the moment at least, Chicago O’Hare is a terrible place to be (or want […]

Vulture posted this phenomenal one-man-band rap about NBC’s near-disaster when they almost canceled Community earlier this year.


If you haven’t already heard, NBC has taken Community off the air for the mid-season schedule. It’s not cancelled, but it’s not too far-fetched to think that it might be very soon especially with it’s low TV ratings this season. This surprises me to some extent because I really, really love Community. A lot. I […]


I honestly don’t even remember signing up for Bebo (it doesn’t sound like something that really interests me at all), but for some reason I definitely had an account there and lately Bebo started emailing me with new “friend requests” on the service. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I had never received a Bebo […]


Photo from wallyg on Flickr Gothamist pointed to a very sad story from The New York Times about how LaGuardia High School might need to cancel their Fall musical because of budget cuts. What I didn’t know was that the fall musical — which I’ve been a part of in some form or another for […]


The totally awesome Jawbone Bluetooth headset is on sale at Newegg.com for $69.99! The Jawbone retails at $119.99. Sure, it’s still pretty expensive at $69.99 for a Bluetooth headset, but when you see what this thing can do, then you’ll know why it’s so great. It essentially cancels out all noise around you when it’s […]