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This might be one of the most beautiful videos of New York City I’ve ever seen. It’s shot entirely on a Canon 7D and a Canon PowerShot S95 and consists of random scenes shot by Andrew Clancy as he went about his daily travels in and around the city. The song is “We Don’t Eat” […]

Oton Bačar, who previously slowed down footage from a Canon 7D to 1000fps in post-production has actually taken new video from the same camera again and slowed it down even more! The video above shows HD video from the 7D at 2000fps as edited in Twixtor/After Effects. The rain in some of the shots are […]

Mark Sandhoff sent over this video he shot with a Canon 7D of his friend Matt Brown riding his bike in San Francisco. I love the glitter-red bike in this video. I want a frame with this shiny look someday.

7D 1000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo. Using an After Effects plugin called Twixtor, Oton Bačar was able to take video taken at 60fps on a Canon 7D and slow it down to approximately 1000fps without it looking completely terrible. I actually own the Twixtor plugin and I’ve never even thought about doing this. […]

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PetaPixel has photos of Petra Hall’s fiancé’s burned and partically melted Canon EOS 7D. This happened during a freak accident in a car and amazingly the SanDisk CF card survived the whole ordeal. The camera however, is junk (if I were them though, I would seal this in an acrylic cube and keep it around […]

A very lovely video filmed on a Canon 7D in an SPL water housing. You should definitely try to watch this in HD.