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To showcase their new typeface called Public Gothic, Antrepo4 created these fake vintage oil cans to advertise various brands of oil companies. If you like what you see, you can purchase the Public Gothic font for $100 here.

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All photos shown in post by ruedione The guys behind Montana Spray Paint have been sponsoring a trip across America featuring RISK, WANE, SEVER, CES & REVOK. They’ve visiting some amazing places along the way which they are documenting continuously on their blog. Here are some photos of their trip along with a video of […]

If you weren’t content with seeing how Montana spray paint was manufactured, then maybe this video showing how Kobra spray paint will do the trick.

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James Jarvis just posted a couple of photos of the recently released Coca-Cola cans he did to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary. There are a total of 6 cans in this pack and they are something of a collectible item at the moment since they aren’t released worldwide (as of now). I hope these make […]


Do you need to carry 12 12-ounce cans of beer or soda with you at all times? Yes? WHY LOOK! You have a $30 solution here in the Hops Holster!