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That’s 48 cans of Red Bull and 1 can of Coke. It’s a tough load to carry on a bike, but thank goodness for that Ortlieb Messenger. PS: No, I did not buy these (I also did not steal them either).

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There’s something about looking at renderings of Coca-Cola cans that make me really want to drink some Coke right now. Maybe it’s the red which is so meticulously chosen that it can sometimes even make me want to eat the can itself. Certainly the guys at Turner Duckworth know what they’re doing. [via]

Plastic bottles from RecycleNow on Vimeo. The parts of the UK, PSA’s such as the one above and the ones below are being aired to encourage people to recycle their plastic, glass, and aluminum/aluminium containers. The ads are part of the UK’s RecycleNow initiative which is helping to reduce pollution and improve energy consumption habits. […]


Not much to say really except that these are a nice play on the classic Coca-Cola logo. Great for summer. See them bigger at TheDieline.


I love looking at hi-res images of just about anything (except maybe bugs and insects), so when I came across the product section of Jones Soda I was surprised to find that all hi-res product shots were available for free download. No stupid registration or reason needed. Just lovely images of Jones Soda products up […]