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I saw this over at Core77 and was reminded of how this little detail on Rolls-Royce vehicles always makes so much of a difference in how I perceive the quality of the vehicles.


Have an Aeropress? Why not get a cap for it so you can take coffee or filters on the go without all the miscellaneous parts falling out of your bag? It’s only $10!

Look at this thing! JUST LOOK AT IT! It’s an automatic machine that fills, caps, and sorts detergent!

Instead of drawing a cap on her head to celebrate a graduation, this cake place drew a cat on the head! Best misheard cake customization I’ve ever seen. Definitely better than what would have happened if the store heard her correctly.

I never really had to think about this too much since I was lucky enough to be locked into unlimited data on my mobile and home networks, but it’s true, if companies were really concerned about network congestion they would be getting users to downgrade speeds and essentially limit the amount of new sign-ups. [via]