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I’ve been following this case pretty closely and it just gets weirder and weirder by the day…


It all came to an end last night. Such quick work by law enforcement agencies and a relatively good way to end such a tragic and sad week. For what it’s worth, I have never heard of an entire city being shut down to apprehend a suspect. Boston, you are truly not to be messed […]


Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Captured has a phenomenal post today showing images of the Hoover Dam being built. The images are quite extraordinary as it shows the huge construction project taking place over a span of several years. There are huge holes dug through mountains, large concrete pillars, and lots of water (eventually). The image […]


I’m completely fascinated by this installation/sculpture called CAPTURED made by brothers Nils and Sven Völker at the MADE Space in Berlin (May 2011). A part of the installation consisted of 252 inflatable silver cushions which not only visually look stunning laid out in a grid pattern but also produce a very soothing crumpling wrapper type […]

Article 12 is an upcoming film about the current state of surveillance and privacy in our modern societies. I’m always fascinated by statistics like this and while I don’t have a real concern about my level of privacy in this world, I do find it interesting that so many other people do on a regular […]