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Have you seen this? Supposedly the fastest CF card reader on the consumer market.


According to this post on Fstoppers, at least one regular-priced FireWire 800 card reader exists in the wild and believe it or not, it’s still in production for just $50 retail. Any US retailer selling these? If not, how come?


SanDisk just unveiled two of the most beautiful card readers I’ve ever seen. They look like architectural monuments, perched on those 3 legs. I can see these looking quite lovely on a solid wood work table. And apparently SanDisk didn’t skimp out on the specs either, as each one is said to be able to […]


I am never satisfied with the amount of USB ports my computer has. I always seem to need more USB ports to connect my supply of USB-enabled devices (card reader, multiple iPods, multiple portable HDDs, Nintendo DS Lite charger, nonsense desk toys, etc.). Anyway, Griffin Technology has this pretty fantastic USB device called the Simplifi […]