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Interesting! This machine scans any number of items needed for shipment and automatically cuts a box that will fit those items exactly for shipment!

There’s a lively discussion going on right now surrounding this Rapid Packing Container concept that aims to “revolutionize” the cardboard box industry with a box that is less wasteful and easier to use. A lot of the comments come from UPS handlers or large-scale shippers who make note of the Rapid Packing Container’s easily openable […]

Zefrank produced this short about fitting in. Watch it!

It looks like Samsung is experimenting with cardboard as a means of making more sustainable electronics. If successful, printers may just come in perforated cardboard pieces in the future with DIY building (sans the cartridge of course). And the best part: This concept would essentially make the printer a portable object that can break down […]

It’s a mystery to me why cats love cardboard so much. They chew on it, sleep in it, push it around, and use it as a cover. What’s funny though is that this phenomenon is seen in big cats as well. Maybe a cardboard box really is the best toy.