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LaGuardia represent! Meet Inem, a Clinical Pharmacist for Neighborhood Care at EmblemHealth.

Ever wonder what it’s like to dress and care for deceased people in preparation for their funeral? Here’s a video showing just that.

Wright’s Law from Zack Conkle on Vimeo. Zack Conkle put together this truly moving short video about a teacher named Mr. Wright who not only loves physics but also loves his students. He’s a special teacher that is rare to come across nowadays — one that truly wants his students to succeed and walk away […]

If you’ve been a regular reader of Doobybrain you will understand my love for this product line and Larry’s numerous video uploads showing how to clean and care for your vehicle. Support this guy by buying his stuff here!

I know this is meant for hospitals and such, but I’d really want one of these for myself. Slip in, get cleaned, and be on my way!

All done while underwater in a special diver’s suit that includes a head-mounted camera and a communications piece. [via]