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So I just learned that in 1980, the US Defense Department tried to outfit a C-130 cargo airplane with rockets so that it could be used in rescue missions (specifically in Iran). The purpose of the rockets were to allow the plane to take off and land in about 300-400 feet of runway instead of […]

Jalopnik posted this truly horrifying video of a deadly Afghan plane crash caught on dashcam video on April 29, 2013. Seven people died. Here’s the official report.


Photo: Damien Meyer/AFP/Getty Images In Focus has an interesting series of photos of the salvaging and scrapping of a Maltese-registered cargo ship known as the TK Bremen which ran aground near a beach in Brittany, France. The location of the final resting place of the ship proved to be particularly tricky during scrapping because crews […]

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Photo: Itsuo Inouye/Associated Press A little over 24 hours since the devastating quake in Sendai, Japan, The New York Times has photos showing some of the aftermath of the earthquake and flood waters that rushed into coastal Japan communities. The one above is a beautiful scene of destruction. Click below to see a larger version.