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fete paradiso-6

This past weekend I had the pleasure of venturing out to Governor’s Island to explore the Fete Paradiso, a fantastic collection of vintage carousels and rides that you can actually ride! There were swings, spinners, and even pedal-driven carousels. Live music, some food, and tons of space to run around. FREE TO ENTER and open […]


I don’t understand at all how they did this, but it goes to show how powerful the Chrome browser is and how creative some folks at Google can be. What is this Google Chrome Experiment? Rollit somehow connects your phone’s Chrome browser with your computer’s Chrome browser to let you play a game of skee […]


Continuing with my posts this past week about how cruises just do not appeal to me at all, here’s another reason: Being lost at sea. Or more specifically, having a man overboard. That’s what happened to a Carnival Spirit cruise ship near Australia recently while embarked on a 10-day trip. A couple, Paul Rossington and Kristen Schroder, […]

Everything is going wrong with this ship. First it breaks down and its passengers are stranded at sea for a few days. And then when a tow boat comes to get it, the tow line snaps and the passengers are delayed from reaching shore. At the time of this post (6:30PM PST), the ship is […]

What a fun video by Till Nowak about a fictional experiment by a scientist (played by Leslie Barany) about how all of those carnival rides are actually all part of a research study about centrifugal force. Imagine if some of these rides existed! I’d love a 14-hour ferris wheel ride. ᔥ COLOSSAL