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So I’ve tried Carousel and I’m just not feeling it as a photo sharing app. BUT, I am feeling quite good about the additional 3GB of space that Dropbox just gave me just for downloading and using the app once. If you want an additional 3GB of space in your Dropbox account, just go to […]

Look at this corgi running circles on a merry-go-round!

fete paradiso-6

This past weekend I had the pleasure of venturing out to Governor’s Island to explore the Fete Paradiso, a fantastic collection of vintage carousels and rides that you can actually ride! There were swings, spinners, and even pedal-driven carousels. Live music, some food, and tons of space to run around. FREE TO ENTER and open […]


Remember that video of the Brooklyn Nets’ underground carousel? Well, it wasn’t the first in NYC. The Hotel Dixie (which today is known as the Hotel Carter) on 43rd Street was home to such an underground carousel back in the 1930′s! The carousel served what was the largest underground bus station at the time. Today, […]

The Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, has a really cool underground carousel and elevator for buses and cars.