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I just spent the last hour watching this video from National Geographic about the insane hunt for giant carp — that is, carp that weighs 300 pounds or more. The world surrounding carp is an expensive one it seems which makes me wonder how much those carp ponds people own really are.

Laughing Squid already said it, but I’ll just say it too: This video brought back memories of that jumping Asian carp video I posted back in August of last year! Are these fish hilarious or what! Haha!

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WHAAATTTTT?! I’m having a bit of a hard time wrapping my head around this image of a giant koi carp caught in a lake in the south of France. It apparently weighed 30 pounds and is still living in the lake after being set free. O_O

Mark Kirby pilots the boat as his friend Brendan Kearns films a school of Asian Carp jumping out of the water and into the boat. [via] Could this man be the new double rainbow…?