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Mark Donnelly singing the Canadian national anthem and accidentally skating over the carpet. Not missing a note however!

Artist Daniel Wurtzel creates the illusion of a flying red scarp (a “carpet”) through the use of perfectly placed fans spinning a vortex of air. [via]


Chris Maluszynski’s amazing photo series on Las Vegas casino carpets is featured on WIRED with an interesting article on how these ugly and colorful carpets actually make people stay in the casinos to gamble more. Check out the whole gallery of carpets here.

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Check out this wire hanger carpet design from Bev Hisey. If you like your room looking messy, this design is sure to give you a headstart.


Those of you reading this who grew up already having a broadband internet connection will most likely not relate, but I remeber the days when I was on a dial-up connection and streaks of color would cascade down an image because I didn’t wait for it to load correctly. Apparently, artist Richard Hutten remembers this […]