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We’ve already seen one horseless carriage concept, now here’s another from a company called The Creative Workshop. How much does it cost to build? About $450,000.

This is the best alternative for a horseless-carriage-NY that I’ve seen so far. For those wanting the allure of the carriage ride, I hope this takes off.

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Aww, how cute. Crunchgear posted a link to this adorable watermelon cooler and heater that allows you to leisurely push up to a 14-pound watermelon down the street. This is one product I need to review. The Japanese always seem to know what’s best!!


Artist Jeremy Dean took a Hummer H2 and totally broke it down so that it could be used as nothing more than a horse carriage. Known worldwide as a huge gas guzzler and one of the most inefficient cars on the road, the Hummer H2 was a symbol of both American disregard for the environment […]


I don’t care how rich you are. If you don’t own the State Coach Britannia, you aren’t that rich. The State Coach Britannia is a $800,000+ carriage with dedicated service for the Royal Family in Britain. The carriage may look old fashioned, but it is outfitted and adorned with some of the greatest luxuries available […]