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If you’ve ever wondered how they place a Space Shuttle on top of the modified 747 airplane when it gets ferried from one NASA facility to the next, then you need to watch the video above. It’s lengthy, just warning ya.

I get sea sick at times, but I really still want to go on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean.

Mobile carrier 3 has an interesting video about their Live Shop, a Flash-based online store that uses streaming video and touchscreen technology to help customers choose their products and services. The online shop captures a salesperson on the other end interacting with a Minority Report-like touchscreen interface, allowing them to drag phones and other information […]


I’m no longer on AT&T. I’ve started my own wireless carrier called Herman. Sign up here.

This pilot ejects because his plane’s brakes failed and ultimately caused the jet to plunge into the water. This pilot ejects because his plane snapped the “stop-cable” which normally would prevent an aircraft from continuing on into the water. This pilot ejects because…well, I don’t know why. But his plane drops something big and then […]