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The video is not embeddable, so click here to watch it. It’s a 25-minute clip from Walt Disney Studios showing a day in the life of John Lasseter, one of the famed directors of some of the most beloved Disney/Pixar films. So cool to see his whole production routine and to see how much work […]

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but watching this Soundworks Collection video about the making of the music and sound effects in Cars 2 just gets me so excited to see the film. I can’t wait!

Here’s a clip from the upcoming Disney/Pixar film Cars 2 where Mater enjoys his new ability to disguise himself by using his voice.

The cross-promotional items are coming along now that Cars 2 is set for release this coming summer. Here’s a State Farm commercial with State Farm “pitties” helping Mater get out of the mess he’s created.


Is there any doubt now in anybody’s mind that this movie is going to be extraordinary when it comes out June 24th? Didn’t think so. Watch the trailer below. UPDATE: Looks like the video has been removed. Video: MSN Exclusive: ‘Cars 2′ trailer from Disney


PixarPlanet has the official synopsis for the Hawaiian Vacation Toy Story short (starring Ken and Barbie) that’s supposed to play before the opening of Cars 2. Here’s a 30-second clip to get excited with!!