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Every year, L.L. Bean celebrates great work by select employees by giving them recognition and also presenting them with a hand-carved wood L.L. Bean boot made by Albert K. The video above shows how the boot is carved with precision and care and love.


This is a photographed taken by Frank Hurley somewhere between 1911-1914. The image is one of many on record at the State Library of New South Wales which documents Hurley’s expeditions to the Antarctic in the early 20th century. I had the pleasure of browsing some of its contents and I’m in awe of what […]


Totally loving this hand-carved wooden laptop stand called Vool. It uses a hollow design to stash your keyboard and mouse when not in use and is ergonomically designed to support the best viewing experience between you and your laptop. How much? About $400 USD unfortunately. At that price, maybe you should just buy a monitor.


This would make a lovely wall piece. Here’s a $1500 4-feet tall carved topographical map of California state.


Luke Kelly made a hand-carved wood and steel flashlight combination that he’s funding on Kickstarter so he can make a limited run of these bad boys. He’s currently got 15 days left to go and though he’s already met his goal, this is your chance to jump in and get a limited edition hand-carved flashlight […]