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Umm, how awesome is this? Jeremy Bell took apart two cassette players and created a homemade scratch machine that’s now available on Kickstarter (you can either buy a CD of music created by Jeremy on this machine or choose to buy one of the alpha machines he created).

Wow, the world really has changed hasn’t it? Kids these days don’t know what a Walkman is?

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Jeff Skierka Designs is selling a $5000 handmade table that resembles an old-school cassette tape. It is flippable and it is a good way to get conversation going around the coffee table. Mixtape from Jeff Skierka on Vimeo.

An official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, this film called Shut Up Little Man documents the misadventures of two men, Eddie and Mitch, who recorded their drunk and arguing neighbors onto many, many cassette tapes and released them into the wild. If you ever wanted to know how the phrase “Shut up, little […]

Just in case you were wondering, Cassette: A Documentary Film has reached it’s $25,000 funding goal and will be pushing forward for a release sometime in the near future. The documentary aims to capture the essence of the cassette and what it means to culture, music history, and the future as it continues to be […]