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This is a photographed taken by Frank Hurley somewhere between 1911-1914. The image is one of many on record at the State Library of New South Wales which documents Hurley’s expeditions to the Antarctic in the early 20th century. I had the pleasure of browsing some of its contents and I’m in awe of what […]


Photo: Jake Dobkin Gothamist has a great series of photos taken by Jake Dobkin of the 2nd Avenue Subway tunnel construction. You saw the video, now check out the photos!

This is the 72nd Street Subway station cavern which will one day be part of the 2nd Avenue Subway (the T line).


Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority A blurry photo, but one that shows the grand scale of the project underneath 2nd Avenue. This will one day be the 72nd Street station along the 2nd Avenue Subway line. I will be dead before this ever gets finished.