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Wow. This is how caviar is harvested from a sturgeon?! There’s so much of it!

Yes folks, the world’s most expensive desert is just a bunch of chocolate, gold, caviar, and diamonds. One little detail to note though: The desert needs an actual buyer before it an officially officially be named the world’s most expensive desert.


Following early February’s post on sturgeon farms in Florida producing delicious caviar, here is a video from Food Curated on how one restaurant named Rye uses farmed sturgeon to make a sturgeon salad with caviar! Yum!

Liza de Guia of FoodCurated produces another fantastic food-related video, this time about the domestic production of caviar in Sarasota, Florida. She talks to Jim Michaels, the program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory for their Siberian Sturgeon program and discusses how domestic farming of Sturgeon is both good for the economy and also good for […]