This is an interesting social game of sorts. A group of activists in Berlin are involved in a game they call Camover in which they destroy and/or remove CCTV cameras in public spaces and upload the videos online for points. Looks like they get around to doing some other vandalism in the meantime, but nonetheless, […]

You saw the smashed aftermath of the store front, now check out the video of the thieves in action. Their BMW gets stuck INSIDE (not sure how this happened) and they got caught afterall!

The New York Post has released CCTV footage of police shooting the man who opened fire on a former manager at a store near the Empire State Building yesterday. In the video you can clearly see the man pull out what looks to be a gun and pointing it at the officers before he is […]

Tomas Koolhaas is making a documentary film about his father, star architect Rem Koolhaas centered around China’s massive CCTV building. This is a rough cut of footage from Tomas’ film which should be released shortly.

TWBE posted this video of people running out of the Washington Monument during August’s earthquake centered in Virginia. CRAYYYYY!!!