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Dang, I can’t believe I’ve pretty much been with Twitter since the beginning. I remember almost all of this stuff from 2007 and on.


This is pretty neat. Campbell’s Soup is celebrating 50 years of Andy Warhol’s 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans (which hands in NYC’s MoMA) with these limited edition colorful art cans that will begin selling at Target stores on September 2nd for just 75 cents each. I’m expecting these to go fast.

Celebrate! from stephervescent on Vimeo. My brother and sister in law!!!! If you’re wondering, this was actually filmed on a Super 8 camera. Coming up soon on a year of marriage!

Riccardo Russo was leading the pack for the win when he crossed the starting line and began celebrating. The only thing is, he was celebrating nothing because he had miscalculated the laps and actually had one more to go. Nearly everybody who was behind him ended up passing him while he stood up on his […]

FORTY from TBWA Worldwide on Vimeo. TBWA celebrates 40 years of advertising with this street art installation by WK now hanging in the TBWA New York offices.


In a continuation of posts celebrating the life of Maurice Sendak, here’s WiRED’s version which includes some large images of Sendak’s illustrations. Some well known, and others less known.