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Great accolades for this Parsons-designed garbage can for the Central Park Conservancy. The trash can recently won the Gold Lion Award for Product Design at the Cannes Festival of Creativity. I like these a lot. If you want to see them, just take a walk through Central Park.


This was my first time seeing Ingrid Michaelson in concert. She returned to her hometown and really put on a good show. Lots of surprise musical guests. And my personal favorite, a fantastic cover of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” with the lead singer from the band, Steve Augieri. I love New York in the summer.

If you watch one video this morning, make it this one. It’s an incredibly inspiring story of one man named Jadav Payeng who has single-handedly planted a forest in India that is larger than the size of Central Park. His efforts aren’t just for aesthetics and comfort either. He is actively helping to reduce erosion on […]