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This would totally be overkill for my own shooting, but for those of you who absolutely need the fastest read/write speeds to a CF card (think cinema cameras…), SanDisk now lays claim to one of their own cards as being the world’s fastest memory card. The new CFast 2.0 card from SanDisk clocks in at […]


Photo via EOSHD This really sucks for those of you who wanted to use the SD card slot on the new Canon 5D Mark III as a backup shooting card while using the super-fast CF card slot as your primary. It turns out that the SD slot on the 5D Mark III does not come […]


Yes folks, it’s true! FireWire card readers are back! Earlier this month I wrote about one photographer’s findings of a brand-new type of FireWire 800 CF card reader that emerged into the market after all other FireWire readers basically went kaput. The situation (in brief) was that the company that made the FireWire component in […]


If I ever get really bored, I will try to make my own FireWire 800 card reader out of an old FireWire HDD enclosure and a CF to SATA converter. It’s still cheaper than buying one or worrying about the one you already have breaking on you.


According to this post on Fstoppers, at least one regular-priced FireWire 800 card reader exists in the wild and believe it or not, it’s still in production for just $50 retail. Any US retailer selling these? If not, how come?