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All of these things. All of these definitions. In the end, it is Facebook. AMIRIGHT?! LOL.

Ziba JumpSeat Auditorium Seating from Ziba Design on Vimeo. A new stadium seat that requires very little tooling and can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. The chairs of modeled after the human vertebrae and can fold much flatter than traditional theater/stadium seats because of its slim profile and makeup. [via]


Credit: Korean Central News Agency, via Reuters This photo is quite funny. First of all, why is nobody else sitting down with him? There are so many seats. Second, he has the silliest grin on his face. I mean, just look at this photo! Just look at it!


Photo: Jon Chan Why is it that I haven’t seen anything about this beautiful memorial until just now when I saw it over at Jon’s website? These 2753 chairs each face South at Bryant Park and represent a life lost on 9/11. This memorial will be on display until tomorrow.


This photo was seen over at CNN and while this may be a normal practice for some hotels, it’s the first time I’m seeing it for myself. Apparently the Hilton hotel in Ocean City keeps its furniture from blowing away in hurricane-force winds by dunking it all into the pool. This is so smart!