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This is amazing. Artist Philippe Baudelocque creates really detailed patterned chalk drawings on the street in Paris. Check out some examples inside as well as a video showing him doing a piece live.

Kelly De Ceuninck and Pieter Vanhoutte of Coming Soon, a Belgium-based creative design studio, made this wonderful chalk drawing for Twixl Media for their holiday greeting. How great is it to have a wall covered in chalkboard surface?

A video about bullying from a slightly more creative perspective.


Stop everything you’re doing and enjoy this stop-motion video of Clara Meinen, Kelsey Barnowsky, Casey Christian, and Stephanie Goldner doing a fabulous freehand chalkboard piece for a United Adworkers competition. More close-up photos here. If you think you’ve seen something like this before, it’s because these 4 people were inspired by Dana Tanamachi’s chalk work […]


Public School posted this wonderful gallery of beautiful chalkboard letters and illustrations by Dana Tanamachi. See a whole lot more from these blackboards on her website.