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I don’t do my nails, but for everyone in my life that does, please do this. I will love you to death.

I love this video posted over at Explore explaining how the American Constitution was formed in the early days of this nation. The chalkboard is a welcome contrast to the usual whiteboard animations we’ve been seeing as of late.

If you’ve seen those giant public chalkboards with blank spaces to fill in things you want to do before you die, here’s a TED Talk by the artist responsible for them — Candy Chang.


Stop everything you’re doing and enjoy this stop-motion video of Clara Meinen, Kelsey Barnowsky, Casey Christian, and Stephanie Goldner doing a fabulous freehand chalkboard piece for a United Adworkers competition. More close-up photos here. If you think you’ve seen something like this before, it’s because these 4 people were inspired by Dana Tanamachi’s chalk work […]


Public School posted this wonderful gallery of beautiful chalkboard letters and illustrations by Dana Tanamachi. See a whole lot more from these blackboards on her website.