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Maybe this isn’t Bill Gates’ original idea, but he’s the only big-name celebrity I hear touting the idea around and that seems quite good. He’s basically saying that one of the major revolutions to create change in poor people’s lives in the near future will be mobile banking and the control of digital assets without […]

Dang, this is pretty nuts. But bigger question, who the hell is filming this? Drone most likely, right?


Anybody who has lived in NYC for the last few decades has¬†undoubtedly seen the drastic transformation of the Meatpacking District from an industrial afterthought to a hip, expensive shopping and party scene. Brian Rose has witnessed this transformation first-hand and made an account of the change in a new book called Metamorphosis: Meatpacking District 1985-2013. […]

Yikes! This video posted at Jalopnik¬†made me cringe. It’s a truck’s dashcam video of a car on the same road carelessly merging into an exit lane before the driver even knows the exit lane is clear. The result is a horrific crash that sandwiched the car between two trucks and split it into many pieces. […]