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A campaign to make some major changes to Broadway in Downtown LA is gaining momentum with this Broadway Streetscape Master Plan PDF. The plans show an 8-block section of Broadway (from 2nd Street to Olympic Blvd.) getting slimmed down from 6 lanes of traffic to just 3, with one of those lanes being the re-introduction […]

I’m in the camp that truly believes that Facebook has some of the best privacy settings of any major social network. And honestly, if its changes confuse you, you aren’t that bright because they make it incredibly simple to set very specific settings for just about every single combination of friend and acquaintance possible.

WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN. We don’t want what happened in the movie Contagion to happen to us! [via]


See the tiny and subtle differences between iOS 5 and iOS 6. Smoother gradients, less sharp all around, and more space for icons! See the entire comparison done in great detail here.

It’s the tiny things that make the most difference on a day to day basis.

Recap: Better window resizing, cleaner and more intuitive conversation view, and better search.