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It looks like Stone Island isn’t afraid to use unconventional fabrics in their clothing line. We first saw a glimpse of that in their all-reflective jacket ($900+) and now we see it in their special Heat Reactive Jacket which uses thermosensitive liquid crystals in its fabric to change the color of the jacket based on […]

Twitter is about to make some serious changes to its website and service, and if you’re not on board, be prepared to fall way behind real quick. If you’ve only considered Twitter to be a casual internet service, now’s the time to rethink that.


The New York Times has an awesome interactive slideshow showing the changes that the World Cup football/soccer ball has gone through. Take a look at that 1970 Mexico ball. It’s so damn iconic that it has gone on to represent soccer in whole as a sport.

Waking up in the same place every morning is boring. That’s the premise the people behind the software and hardware configuration called Winscape are going by. Winscape is basically two HD plasma displays that can display a scene based on the relative position of the viewer. Which means that it’s not just two large TVs […]

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo. FITC and Saatchi & Saatchi Canada created this amusing short video about the perils facing advertising agencies if they choose not to take notice of the rapid changes going on in the industry. [via]

This is utterly fantastic! Rhapsody put out this commercial with Jay-Z that features him re-creating his iconic album covers in a continuous stream of set and costume changes. [via] In related news, Jay-Z’s latest album, The Blueprint 3, leaked today.