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Well, this is pretty great (even though it’s not updated nearly as often as they say). There are some full episodes uploaded too! I posted one below.

Screenshot 2014-01-19 23.16.33

This is pretty ridiculous from a user standpoint. For several days now, YouTube has basically stopped working for those of us who watch our channel subscriptions via the website. Where the used to be a “Load more” button at the subscriptions list is now just a blank space that shows up after about 30 videos […]


I’ve talked about this situation before about how utterly insane it makes me to be on the same road as some drivers here in California. I can’t stand the slow merges, the huge gaps between parking spaces (although I understand this is required by law due to floor markings), and the rubbernecking. There’s actually an […]

Check out this trippy and smooth flowing video of a drive through Japan. YouTube member cat2525jp has a bunch more videos of what it’s like to drive through Japan on his YouTube channel. Obviously, cat2525jp should meet Mr. Elevator Fanatic. Their videos are oddly similar and mesmerizing.