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I’m sorry, but man, these are the worst costumed characters. Have you walked through Times Square lately? It’s like a badly drawn recreation of famous cartoon characters.

This is part 1 of a multi-part series about video games and the unfortunate fact that many of them portray female characters as nothing but trophies for the male video game lead. It’s a problem that reaches far back in video game history as you’ll see in this video here by Anita Sarkeesian. I know […]


NOTCOT posted this image of the Cartoon Network 20th birthday poster which is basically a huge collage of all of the cartoon characters the network has ever put on air. Pretty amazing. I want it!

This is a real-life Calvin and Hobbes comic strip right here Building character the hard way! [via]


Check out this link of great 80s and 90s cartoon characters drawn by Fabian Ciraolo wearing not their usual outfits but rather fancy coats and suits! [via]

The age of non-talking Mickey Mouse mascots are gone. In are the new “living character” Disney mascots that have blinking eyes, a moving mouth, and Mickey’s signature high-pitched voice. This looks fun. Thanks Andy!