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This idea, while seemingly good, is so far-fetched in terms of application that I find it very hard to believe that this would help anybody learn Chinese beyond a few characters. Yes, this works for some characters here, but the leap required and the amount of memorization required to make some of these connections seems […]


Hyung86 over at DeviantArt has created some images of what he/she imagines Disney characters would look like if they were in college. Hipsters? Hippies? Geeks? They’re all here. Check out the rest here.

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I don’t get it. How is it that this show is one of television’s most popular programs right now? It’s not scary, not the least bit suspenseful, and overall the characters seem so downright stupid that it’s actually hard to believe that they’ve gotten this far together (meaning, that they’ve beat out just about everybody […]

lilfuchs created this awesome video of Chinese Zodiac characters morphing into each other. Watch it!


This is the Kanze No Theatre (VIII) Performing Arts Poster (1961). I can’t read a thing on it, but it is a pleasure to look at.