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I desperately need to get myself one of these Kii dongles from Bluelounge. Available in both 30-pin and Lightning editions, the Kii is a keychain the size of a thumb drive that makes sure you are never without a charging cable for your iPhone. It’s slim and with you wherever you take your keys (for […]

Dan Milner was on a trip photographing for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine when he and his crew happened upon a wild stag on the side of the road. Dan Milner got out of the van and proceeded to get really close to the deer to get some pictures of it. That’s when the wild deer charged […]


Good news for NYC residents: AT&T is installing 25 solar-powered charging stations spread throughout Union Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island, Riverside Park, and Hudson River Park. The charging stations are free of charge to use and will feature all major charging peripherals including micro-USB, 30-pin Apple, and Lightning cables.

Juliet Elliott talks in this video about how fixed gear riding was the catalyst that brought her into a world of cycling of all different types. If more girls knew they could be this amazing just by getting on two wheels, the world would be a whole different place. Yes, I do believe that.