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Charlie LeDuff investigates and talks to the guy Ferguson hired to deal with the black community. The man at the center of it all is Devin James, a man who has murdered, been in a gang, and is, of course, black. Way to relate…

Charlie LeDuff, author of the fantastic book Detroit: An American Autopsy, returns to YouTube with a look behind the men in blue in Detroit who make sure that the city doesn’t turn into Ferguson.

I’ve been reading through Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff and have really grown to understand that predicament that the city of Detroit is finding itself in. It’s not a simple situation nor is the solution a simple one, but at least Charlie LeDuff is bringing hard issues to light and making sure the […]

So much beautiful and rich history hidden in plain sight in Detroit. Watch this report from Charlie LeDuff about how this dirty river runs through some of the most interesting parts of the city.

Charlie LeDuff investigates the dire situation in Detroit with constant closings of fire houses and downsizing of the fire department. Basically, the thing to take away from this report is that if you live in the greater Detroit area and you have a fire, you better put it out yourself or watch your house burn […]