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John B. Sparks created this insane graphic in 1931 called The Histomap which charts approximately 4000 years of world history in one long poster. The chart was sold for $1 and included in some books in the ’20s and ’30s. See it large right here.


This isĀ Genevieve Dennis’ wonderful resume which highlights her skills as a designer in web, print, and illustration. While some resumes are filled with words, her’s is filled with charts. I like it!

This is amazing. A typeface called FF Chartwell designed by Travis Kochel automatically converts strings of numbers into charts, graphs, and graphical lines. The process is written and explained here as well as in the video above. It all looks so easy!


Are you a weather statistics freak that wants all the weather information right at your fingertips? Check out Weather Spark a weather website that not only tells you the current weather, but also shows you graphs and charts relating the current weather to previous weather information dating as far back as the 1950′s. You can […]