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I’ve posted on Chase Jarvis’ digital workflow before and now here’s a video of Chase Jarvis explaining his essential gear for travel photography and video. Still crazy expensive, but you take away from this what you need.

Chase Jarvis took some time out of his busy schedule to run us through his digital workflow for both still and moving images. To sum it up, backup is important and you better make sure you have more than one backup of your data in more than one location. I’m posting this because it’s actually […]


Fstoppers posted this awesome video showing Chase Jarvis’ setup as he films a couple of glass blowers and skateboarders for Russell Investments. In the video, you can see Chase making use of this nice little contraption called the Humble Monkey which is basically a self-rolling camera dolly for DSLRs. It’s incredibly smooth and the effect […]

This is a bit of an old post, but it’s still relevant given the increasing amount of people buying SLRs that can also shoot video. Photographer Chase Jarvis is seen above explaining how he manages to shoot such compelling POV shots using a Bogen/Manfrotto Magic Arm Kit with a Super Clamp. It’s a relatively cheap […]