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Google Hangouts is amazing for family hangouts. Just ask my siblings! I just wish it truly was unified and not device-specific for each Hangout.


On March 4th, at 11:10am ET, First Lady Michelle Obama will join a Fireside Hangout on Google+, hosted by Kelly Ripa. To join in, visit the Google+ Page here and participate in discussion and/or ask your questions.

This is going on LIVE right now! Watch here! UPDATED: The chat is over now, but I’ve changed the video above so you can watch the whole thing.

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MacRumors has a quick write-up about upcoming Mac mail client Unibox which takes its cues from chat programs like OS X Messages. It’s hard to say how useful this will be until I actually start using it, but a Mail program that resembles Chat-like features sounds like it could be a good thing. Or…it could […]

Gmail is about to become more awesome. Nine-way video conferencing?! I like.

I can’t vouch for the service itself, but this ad for internet video chat app Airtime is sort of like an extended Old Spice ad coupled with some very famous celebrity faces. How much did they spend to get these celebrities to be in this video???