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Man, I remember when the Canon 30D was TOP NOTCH. Seems not too long ago. How quickly time flies.   Also at 6:50 in the video, can anybody tell me where this is in Hong Kong? I’ve been there before while roaming the streets but I can’t seem to find it again.


WHOA! One of my favorite headphones is on sale right now for a low, low price of $26.99. That’s the lowest I’ve seen it in a long time. The Koss PortaPro Headphones with Case are absolutely wonderful. Sure, they may look old fashioned, but one look at customer reviews will reveal that these are some […]

The rumored cheaper and plastic version of the next iPhone (the “iPhone 5C”) is shown here in all of its yellow glory. Sure, this could be fake, but so far based on previous leaks, this looks like the real deal.


On Monday, Nissan relaunched the Datsun brand in India with a vehicle that will sell in India for about the equivalent of $7000 USD. The car, named the GO, will be a small, compact vehicle with little to no extras beyond getting you from point A to point B. And nope, this won’t be coming […]